Cloud Security

Protect your most important data, wherever it resides.

Data is being created at an exponential rate. In 2020, as work dramatically shifted to remote, much business data moved from on-prem to the cloud — increasing data risk.  Protecting data wherever it is located, whether at rest or in motion, is no longer just your responsibility. It is the responsibility of your cloud service provider as well. 

Whether you use Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or the thousands of sanctioned and unsanctioned applications in between, Cloudrise can help you protect your data — wherever it resides. 


Our traditional security solutions do not cover us in the cloud.

We can move or expand your data security program to the cloud, and design a technical architecture that allows you to scale into the future of your business.

We're not equipped for future security threats.

We help you establish structure, ownership, and controls to proactively manage your data risk, taking cloud-specific controls and frameworks into account. 

We cannot find and retain talent with cloud and data security expertise.

We use leading practices to analyze, optimize, and manage cloud data security policies on an ongoing basis, solving the talent gap and freeing your team to focus on the business.



of businesses store classified and important data in the cloud 4


of cloud breaches are the result of human error 4


of decision makers say not being cloud-ready is a business barrier 5

Case Studies

Transforming Security and Moving to the Cloud During Lockdown

How a U.S. health plan provider secured its entire workforce, moved to the cloud, and replaced key technology—all while maintaining its stellar service to its subscribers.

Transforming Security and Moving to the Cloud During Lockdown