Data Privacy

Maintain compliance, even as regulations change.

From GDPR to HIPAA to whatever is coming next, meeting and keeping pace with evolving data privacy requirements and regulations can be as challenging as it is vital. Our experts work closely with your team to understand your unique business requirements. 

Discover, protect, and manage your regulated personal data across your enterprise. We can recommend the most effective ways to keep pace with change and maintain compliance, all while reducing privacy risk across your organization.

How do I efficiently manage new and changing privacy regulations?

We can help you develop a comprehensive data privacy program to meet future needs, define policies, and align with standards and applicable regulatory frameworks.

I’m not even sure where all my customer data subject to regulation resides.

Our comprehensive data mapping technique identifies sensitive elements, where they reside, and how to respond.

Our data decision making is impacting customer trust.

We can help you formalize your process for responding to consumer Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR), so you can show customers what personal data has been collected, stored, and used.



of Americans are concerned about their privacy online 6


of companies’ information contains personal or sensitive data 7

is the average cost of a data breach (2021) 8

Case Studies

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