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How to Create a User Role in Symantec DLP

  1. Log into the Symantec DLP platform and navigate to the DLP Users menu, you can reach this by following the path System > Login Management > Roles.
  2. This will then bring up a list of the current roles that are in place, including the default roles set up by the platform during installation. To create a new role, click the Add Role button in the top left of the table.
  3. Enter a name for the new role in the Name field, this is the only field that is required for creation of a role.
  4. Go through the pages and tabs, checking what privileges you wish this new role to have over the system. You can also immediately assign currently existing users to this role in the Users tab (See “How to Create a User” for instructions on how to set up and configure Users).
  5. Once required privileges have been set for this role, click the Save button in the top left of the screen to finish configuration of the new role.
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