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How to Restart Symantec DLP services (14.6-15.0)

    1. Click on the start menu and search for the Services application, open it to see a list of services that are currently running.
    2. From the Services menu scroll down to the section where the Symantec services are running, they will follow the Vontu naming convention;
    3. Stop all running services in the following order:
      1. VontuMonitorController (if applicable)
      2. VontuIncidentPersister
      3. VontuManager
      4. VontuNotifier
      5. VontuUpdate (if necessary)
    4. Once all the services have fully stopped you can begin to restart them, be sure to Start the services in the following order:
      1. VontuNotifier
      2. VontuManager
      3. VontuIncidentPersister
      4. VontuMonitorController (if applicable)
      5. VontuUpdate (if necessary)
    5. Wait until all these services are running correctly and you may then resume using Symantec DLP.
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