Security Service Edge

Taking SSE one step further—to the Secure Data Edge.

Reducing tech platforms sounds simple enough. But, security and networking teams’ competing priorities mean simply converging into a Security Service Edge (SSE) solution isn’t easy. Data propogation, a cloud-native remote workforce, the ongoing evolution of threat actors, and teams with competing priorities can all make migrating to an SSE platform daunting. Worse, your data may still be vulnerable.

Our team has assisted hundreds of organizations with SSE — and we take it one step further, to fully protect your data. What does that mean?

SSE ends wherever your infrastructure ends, whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud. But, your data can still be exfiltrated beyond that, as a result of inadequate or incomplete controls, nefarious activities, or lack of a comprehensive program. Our Secure Data Edge (SDE) services incorporate data discovery and classification, tagging, encryption, and information rights management, which follow and protect data even outside of your secure service edge.

Our tech and our teams are siloed.
With SSE, everyone is at the table: network, infrastructure, data protection, privacy, ops and cloud. We assist you to build a comprehensive program that keeps each component secure.
What do you mean our data is not secure beyond the SSE?

Traditional SSE ends where your infrastructure ends. We deliver a unique suite of services that extend your data protection beyond the “edge” of your infrastructure.

How can you protect data that isn't even on our network?
We pair SSE with data discovery and classification, tagging, encryption, and information rights management, which follow and protect data outside of your security service edge.



of leaders believe emerging technologies create more data protection complexity​ 1


of IT decision makers fear their infrastructure won’t be able to handle future data demands 2

zettabytes by 2025 is the expected data landscape growth, up 25x from 2010 3

Solution Brief

A Journey to the Security Service Edge

Converge your legacy tech stack into a modern solution

A Journey to the Security Service Edge


Taking SSE one step further

Taking SSE one step further

April 19, 2023 - Moderated discussion about taking the Secure Service Edge one step further … to the SECURE DATA EDGE, with panelists Damian Chung, BISO...

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