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How to remove the Symantec DLP Endpoint Agent (Mac)

Mac Agent Uninstall

Using Uninstall Agent Tool

You can uninstall the Mac DLP Agent by running the uninstaller tool from the default agent installation location: /Library/Manufacturer/Endpoint Agent.

Follow these steps to use the uninstall agent tool:

  1. Copy the uninstall_agent tool from the agent install files.
  2. Open the Terminal app
  3. Run the following commands:

$chmod +x uninstall_agent
$sudo ./uninstall_agent

Or you can review uninstall logs on the Terminal application by running this command:

$sudo ./uninstall_agent -prompt=no -log=console

By default, logs are saved to the uninstall_agent.log file

Alternative solution: Disable the agent

As an alternative solution, the agent can also be deactivated. This will stop the services and the agent machine can be used as though the agent was not installed and no policies will be enforced.

To disable the agent go to System > Agent > Overview. Click the box next to the target agent, and the select the shutdown option.

This option can temporarily stop the agent until the machine is restarted, or permanently shut down the agent by stopping the service and setting it to manual.

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